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i'm never on deviantart anymore and i miss it - i could say "i don't have time" but then if you just look at how much time i spent on tumblr then you'll laugh and say that i was lying.

i just thought i would drop in and announce that i am going to london this semester! i leave on jan, 20th!

i'm revamping my whole blog, and this time i am sticking to it: if you're interested in stalking me, find me here.

i hope everyone is doing well!
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greetings! so, to the point: i was selected to showcase my work on an awesome platform called RAW artists! they're all about giving exposure to new artists who haven't really established themselves yet.

because it is a non-profit organization and i myself don't have to pay to expose all of my work, we are required to sell 20 $15 tickets. i normally don't like asking people to pay, because as a future/mega poor college/art student - i totally understand the empty wallet situation.

the show is in brooklyn, ny - so if you're able to come it would be amazing. it's two days (april 11th and 12th) and the ticket (if you were to attend) would be valid for two days. the assistant manager is going to ask for me about people below 21 because i am (holla, 19 with 19 year old friends).

but you can also buy one to support me, and it would honestly mean the world to me. if you cannot i totally understand $15 is quite a large amount. and i'm going to ask her if i can ~~accept donations~~ in smaller quantities.

BUT YEAH. if you have $15 to spare i would be so grateful if you bought a ticket, it would really help me out. :)



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well hello! wow, deviantart has changed quite a bit in my absence.

so many things have happened these past couple of months it's been kind of ridiculous. i graduated high school, i went to europe!, i moved to new york city and started college, i met a bunch of amazing and awesome people, i finally worked in film.....and i dunno - i finally feel like i'm starting to grow and accomplish a lot of things. </cheesy>

i seriously love deviantart's community, but i just don't have the time and energy to keep up anymore. i post on flickr because it's easier for me and it's a convenient way to catalogue my work and i blog because it's also another way to organize my life.

but regarding notices: if you would like to use my photos for anything - do not send me notes! please email me at auroille AT it's much easier for me to see and reply. :)

so i hope you all are well and if you're interested in stalking me, i will be on flickr and blogger.
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this qurl right here! hello deviantart hello. here's my monthly update, huhuh. (all my past posts these last 1.5 years are just: HI I'VE NEGLECTED YOU DEVIANTART. sigh.)

i recently got accepted into the college of my choice, nyu! i applied to their department of photography and imaging at tisch and holy crap, i was one of the 36 undergrads each year to get it. (i know it's not ranked the greatest photography program in le world, but it has everything i ever wanted in a school - and i couldn't have been happier)

i know i lurk on flickr and tumblr more nowadays, but honestly. thank you to everyone who has followed me since those deep dark days of the beginnings. deviantart is the reason i started photography, and even though flickr is a lot of fun - i still always tell anyone who asks me they're into art to make an account on here.

it just...baffles me. i created an account back in august 2008 and eventually procured my canon 40d (which is having major focusing problems right now, ugh) and now i'm pursuing photography as a career. time goes by way too fast.

and i read my old posts and just shake my head in shame because jesus christ, wat a n00b.

also, i haven't posted photos lately because....i haven't taken any decent photos in forever. spring break is coming up, so expect nicer things.


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ah, the eternal question raging the minds of high school artists.

i recently went to a MICA reception in nyc and realized i can definitely see myself in a school like that. now, i am looking for motivation to finish the RISD home test, but i find none. but THEN, i remember that RISD as an amazing campus/connection with brown/worldwide reputation, and then i remember why i wanted to apply.

my question to RISD students is that: what is the photography program like there?

i know for a fact i cannot draw the bicycle drawing as phenomenally as others can, for my strength is in design and photo. so how does a photography draw the home test? i'll call RISD later and ask them, but i wanted to ask here if any RISD students have any personal accounts of the photography program there and whether it is strong/weak/whatever.

i am not looking for a reason why one school has a better campus/student body/diversity - i can find that online. right now i'm just wondering about the photography programs at both schools.

time to finish my CMU app.
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this has only happened in my wildest fantasies.

idealistic by auroille

me? thank you so much to DemonMathiel for selecting my photograph. and thanks everyone for their fav's and kind comments!

(wait, if memory serves i only thought subscribers could use thumbnails.....well i have been away for a bajillion years. times have changed!)
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that's right. that's all i'm doing nowadays, college applications!

it's stressful, but once you get all the extra stuff out of the way it just boils down to your essays. looking back on this deviantart....the start of my photographic! i rarely thought about college, much less what i'm doing after college!

i'm applying to a whole bunch of art schools and art programs at universities. ONLY TIME WILL TELL!!!! i hope i get accepted, welp.

my urge to school work is diminishing, colleges aren't gonna see this anyway/i'm taking the final. WHY TRY? i'll obviously regret this during my ap physics mock exam tomorrow.

i hope everyone is well, and i seriously miss looking at art and talking to people on deviantart. but in a way i'm also happy i'm more "removed" from art sites like dA and flickr, so that my brain isn't pressured into conforming into cliche ideas and there isn't the thought that i have to be popular.

regardless, i'm very thankful for all my followers and i am sorry for being so neglectful. (is that word?)

oh yes, i turned eighteen the other day! scarrrry stuff.
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i am breathing life back into my blog:

ugh, life has been ridiculously busy and this summer went by far too fast. i spent a week in myrtle beach and a month in taiwan with my family.

hello new followers, i'm sorry i'm never on anymore - i will update my deviantart when i can, but my flickr is always updated. (pro account expired though, so you can't see the old photos. you can find them here.)
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i seriously miss this site. so much.

but it's finally summer, and i get to update my deviantart and get back into the swing of things.

and again, if you want constant updates i am always on tumblr - making graphics and on flickr.

to be honest, i've been avoiding the art world on flickr/dA for some ~time to myself~. trying to figure out who i am, what i will do, etc - nostalgic mojo like that.

the main reason i'm posting this is because in order to get a fresh start here, i am deleting all message. i am terribly sorry, i will do my best to reply to messages - but if you have a question PLEASE RESEND IT VIA NOTE! or email me at

damn, how has everyone been this past year?
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contrary to popular belief! :)

i've been lurking on tumblr and making graphics again - it's been such a long time it's fun to photoshop for other things besides photos.

i am updating on flickr weekly: hi, click me!

/i like the new skins, btw/

i have a question, let's say if someone were to ask to use my photo and use the word "quote" and that they would only use it for a one time run. how much should i ask for? and the rights are still mine, correct?
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i personally celebrate christmas, so i hope (everyone that celebrates it) had a fantastic christmas day <3

my dad got me a fisheye converter (fairly cheap one, but i don't care. if it does the job, i'm happy!) and an instax! they haven't come yet, but i'm so excited :D

also, i finally explored the floral section of my local art/crafts store and bought some flowers and fake butterflies - those will be showing up soon :)

what else? i'm currently watching misfits (a show that has tumblr going wild) and i like it :D

i apologize for my inactivity - i just find it easier to update on flickr and i spent a bit too much time making harry potter graphics (it's nice to get back into the graphics mode).

it's snowing right now and i have two dogs sleeping next to me - it's a good day. (we're watching my cousin's dog, cookie)


now, back to misfits.
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any knowledge of have of any good art school (prefrably near the east coast of the usa) - share with me :D

i don't know, i realized that if i did anything else i would go mad. sure, i'm an all honors student and expected to go to an academic college and shit - but i honestly don't want to. (maybe genetics)

the only place i will be happy is in an art school, surrounded by amazing people to get inspired by and to admire.

i obviously want to major in photography ;) (i'm just afraid they'll just go on about basic stuff we all know, but then again there are opportunities) probably also graphic design and sculpting. just recently i realized that if photography never existed, i would definitely be a sculptor. not that naked ladies kind, the kind that makes weird stuff out of garbage/household items kind. (ie: my love lightbulb :D) and also, i do pretty well in school (in comparison to all the students, but not that great in comparison to the top 10) so i don't know if that helps or not.

i don't think risd is an option, i heard they're more concentrated on drawing/painting/etc.
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i can't believe it.

i swear i'm still 15.

inside anyway <3
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HELLO WORLD. god, i missed deviantart <3

field hockey is over, so commence free time! well, sort of. school's still being a butt and drowning my in work, but i've been able to take more photos and get back into the usual groove.

how is everyone doing? i've missed you all! :)

NOTE: if i ever vanish again, assume that i have lots of school work :D but i'm usually always on tumblr though. it's such an amazing place to procrastinate T_T.
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from my seven day cruise to bermuda.

it had to have been one of the best vacations i have ever been on.

i'll be slowly uploading photos here and there on flickr…

i won't be making any blog posts until later this month, because i have to finish up my summer work and get ready for school :D

i hope everyone is well, i miss you deviantart!

oh yeah, i cut off six inches of my hair.
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i'll be gone for a week, expect a huge spam when i return.

peace out lovers!
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because if it was, that's what i am right now.

i feel bad for neglecting my deviantart ): my devwatch is so full of stuff that i'm no unmotivated to go through them. *dead*

summer has been slow and nice and boring - i sit around all day waiting for something exciting to happen.

i started an avatar blog recently - and it's so much fun to run :D (it's also good photoshop practice, since nowadays i only use it to edit photos)

i have a ton of new photos to upload, and i promise to get to them when i'm feeling productive :D :D

now, please leave some links in the comment showing my the most inspiring pieces of art you have seen lately

meaningless post, but just wanted to let ya'll know i'm alive :D
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i would put this in a poll but i'm not subscribed XD

i want to sell prints to raise some money & i was wondering if anyone would be interested?

i was planning on selling them for prices around:

4x6 - 2 USD
5x7 - 3 USD
8x10 - 6 USD

these prices will not cover shipping (which shouldn't be too expensive for US buyers, for international folk we can discuss the price if the shipping is high) i will probably use paypal or cash (it has to be USD). i'm slightly new to this concept of "selling prints by yoself" so if you have any advice to give i will gladly listen.

you can choose whether or not you want glossy/luster.

NOTE: if i do end up selling prints, please do not expect them as soon as possible. i will probably wait for a good amount, order the prints, pick them up, and then mail them out. i will contact you when i have mailed the print. and i will not mail the print until i receive the money.

i hope this is all reasonable! tell me what you think or if you are intested.
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freaking liberated.
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oops, i accidentally submitted this journal without text - so sorry if it shows up twice!

here, the introduction says most of what i want to say!

copy and pasted from the intro.

"introduction, of sorts

if you’re reading this - you probably know who i am already. if not, well then - my name is julia wang and i’m a sixteen year old photographer.

lately i’ve really wanted to make a blog that features artists not just because their work is “pretty” or they are “popular” but for the passion they really show in their work. to be quite honest, when i see people who are widely recognized and their work is (for the lack of a better term) flat, it really bugs me. button clickers.

so i made this blog to showcase and present the talent (that i feel) is in great need of exposure or just recognition. i hope to feature photographers, painters, and artists of every media. because passion and stories surmount the media or the pixels on the screen or the paper it’s printed on.

feel free to suggest and recommend artists you feel are worthy (even yourself *i won’t tell anyone*), and i will check them out.

i hope to interview and feature at least one artist per week. of course i’ll ask all the usual questions, but i’ll also ask a couple of my own or questions that “fit” them. :) maybe i can make a list of artists i want to feature, and have reader suggested questions….i don’t know yet!

i chose tumblr as my platform because most of you guys have tumblrs, and sharing and “liking” is easier then commenting.

the best way to contact me is via the tumblr ASK button. (located under the arrow that is under the header image)

*side note* this is all based upon my OWN opinion and view. it is not always right, and we might not always agree."

or maybe just someone who puts thought in their work and makes us think a little. (because honestly, they don't always have to spell out an entire story - i just wanted something to contrast against the shutter clickers)

suggestions are welcome! i'm searching for the first few interviews now.

>> <<

thanks loves! i had a poolparty + birthday party earlier this week so i'll have photos up...soon :x
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